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ICE Wrap-Around Sleever

Cutting-Edge Sleeving Solution for Ready Meal and sleeve-packed item

ICE Wrap-Around Sleever

Highly automated cluster carton sleever for single products or multipacks with rotating motorized carton picking system. Compact layout integrated with infeed conveyor, the motor driven infeed pusher and carton picker are precise and energy saving. Partly automatic change over with motorized movements, by touch screen. This machine is highly accessible and this facilitates the maintenance and cleaning operations.

Technical Data

Model1 ICE Wrap-Around Sleever
Output 50-80 PPM
Range of Sleeve 60x60 - 300x495 mm
Range of Tray 60x60 - 300x495 mm
Total power 5.0Kw
Air 6 Bar Constant
External dimensions(mm) 4500x2100x2000mm
Weight 1500KG


Reduced space required for a high performance machine. ICE carton sleever machine’s standard carton sizes vary from a minimum of 60 x 60 mm to a maximum of 300 x 495 mm, with products dimensions varying from min 60 x 40 x 20 mm to max 270 x 270 x 130 mm. Different formats are available depending on feasibility. Standard: painted steel, with galvanized chains, pulley and pinions. Available in completely INOX version, with nickel-plated chains, pulley and pinions.

ICE Wrap-Around Sleever


ICE is applicated to the sleeving of a uni-pack item or multipck item, principally ready meal or multipacked yogurt, for example. Product is firstly covered by a blank sleeve on the top and then wrapped from both sides. With a glue melt sprayer the package is fianyll glue-sealed on the bottom.

After-sales service

ÉLITER keeps your product purchased and its perfomance followed. A team of experienced engineers is always at your disposal for any question you may have from installation, configuration, operation to maintenance and any problems about the machine. We believe that it is how we care all the equipments provided through its life cycle and customer care in long-term that keeps our business sustainable.

  • All the machines sold are promised with a warranty for 1 year
  • All machines are dispatched with a Guideline / Manual / Maintenance Guidelines
  • Technical service and consult around the clock to have your demand cover all the 24 hours.