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GGS-118P5 Plastic Dosis Filling Machine

Compact and entry-Level Plastic Ampoule Filler

GGS-118P5 Plastic Dosis Filling Machine

As an entry level liquid filler for plastic ampoule, GGS-118 is designed to fullfill the basic need of plastic ampoule filling while still with out-of-expectation performance compared to options at the same level in the market. All of the materials and components used are in compliance with GMP standard. With all-in-one and stable performance covering PVC heating, ampoule forming, filling, batch code printing, weakness line forming, cutting… this is for sure the ideal set of machine to raise your productivity in the filling production line.


GGS-118 P5 is an entry level plastic dosis filler. All of the materials and surfaces that have contact with the liquid to be filled or the product itself are in compliance with GMP standard. As a entry level machine though, GGS-188 performs in a high precision manner, controlled through PLC and user-friendly HMI, driven by servor motor and is incorporated with sophisticated ampoule forming, filling, forming devices... All of our customer's requirements would be fullfilled with unexpectedly satisfying performances.

  • PLC driven, stepless frequency convertor
  • PVC infedding, heat and shape forming, filling, batch code printing, weakness line forming... all in one solution
  • Intelligible and simple manupulation HMI
  • Full compliance with GMP standard
  • Highly precise Peristaltic Pump or mechanic Pump adapted
GGS-118P5 Plastic Dosis Filling Machine

Technical Data

Model GGS180-5P
Output upto 25 PPM, max. depto to 25mm
Package Material PVC/PE PET/PE(0.2-0.4)×240mm
Max. Volume 50ml
Power 4.50Kw
Voltage 380V  50Hz
External dimensions(mm) 2300*900*1500mm
Weight 900KG


GGS-118 sereis is generally applicable for the filling and production of plastic ampoule, however, it is not restricted to the pharmaceutical industry but as well as any liquid products such as portion sausage, chemical products, personal care products, etc., that conserved in small ampoule let its material is of plastic or others.

After-sales service

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