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ÉLITER works with SINOPHARM for Packaging Solutions


Turnkey Solutions for SINOPHARM´s New Vaccine

ÉLITER has complished a project assinged by SINOPHARM in buling a cartoning and stack-overwarpping turnkey solution for their product – Swine Pseudorabies Thermo-tolerant Stabilizer Vaccine.

The packaging line consists of our cartoner DZH-120C, SG-M300 Weigher and BT-400C Multipack Overwrapping Machine. As per customer’s request, the DZH-120c is designed with double infeeding system together with a leaflet insertor since each package of carton comes with two set of vaccines inside, apart from the leaflet folded. A weigher is set up between the cartoning section and the overwrapping section to detect any failure product thus guarantee the quality of the prodcution. Form cartons with vaccines inside are passed then to the multipack overwrapper BT–400C to be overwrapper into a 2×5 stack. The overall output of the soluction can reach to 15 stacks per minute, or say, 75 PPM.


China National Pharmaceutical Group Co., Ltd. (Sinopharm) is a large healthcare group directly under the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission (SASAC) of the State Council. The company owns over hundres of subsidiaries and several listed companies in the stock market.


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